Our story

To All Who Dream of Mermaids:
“We created Enchantails with a vision for girls that brings the legendary to life. Every little girl has dreamt of mermaids,
of being a mermaid, and has wondered what that life would be like under the sea.

We have four daughters, and we embrace their individual personalities, temperaments, and interests. While each of our girls are completely different and have different play styles, they share a common love of imagination and learning.

Our idea for Enchantails came to life when we discovered a serious lack of adventures for girls in the marketplace. It began when our oldest daughter asked to become a mermaid. When we set out to satisfy that request, we had difficulty finding any products specifically tailored to mermaids for dramatic play.

But Mark had 20-plus years in the motion picture industry and was continually making and bringing home amazing animatronics and movie masks. So we knew we had the skills to make our daughter’s dream come true. We just had to be willing to do it ourselves.

We first designed the slumber bags as a means for her to sit, play, dream, and read about mermaids. We then began crafting the stories for the world of Oceana and its 12 realms, based on real-life places in the ocean. Soon, our other daughters also became obsessed, as the rest of the mermaids and realms came to life. None of our mermaids are alike, just as no two girls are alike.

Enchantails celebrates girls. Who they truly are. Enchantails strives to empower girls to accept how they have been made, to embrace the talents they have been given, and to understand they have a special place in this world. We want girls to love themselves and the adventure life is giving them.

We hope your daughters enjoy Enchantails because it feeds their imagination and satisfies their love of mermaids. It also celebrates the incredible world we actually live in. Only five percent of the ocean has been discovered. Until now.

Play in your world, but live in ours. Dive into your realm.
Destiny Awaits!”

Make your Mermaid Dreams Come True

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