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May Day is an ancient spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s an astronomical holiday, one of the year’s four cross-quarter days, or day that falls midway between an equinox and solstice – in this case the March equinox and June solstice. May Day also stems from the Celtic festival of Beltane, held on the first day of May in Ireland and Scotland, celebrating the beginning of summer and open pasturing. Other festivities included Maypole dances and cutting of green boughs and flowers.

As young girl, my elementary school held it’s own version of a May Day Festival. Which included following the tradition of selecting a young girl as May Queen. I had the honor of being “crowned” May Queen and presided over the festivities which included the popular Maypole Dance. A large pole was placed on the field and beautiful colored ribbons were attached to the top of the maypole and dancers wound them in different directions around the maypole holding a ribbon each to create a complex pattern of colors. After the ribbons have been wound onto the pole, the practice was to reverse the path of the dance to unwind the ribbons again.

In the ENCHANTAILS world of Oceana, the RHOARI (Roar-ri) Realm, is located in the seas near Ireland. Which is home to our Royal Mermaid Daughter TEAGAN. I’m certain if we were to visit Teagan’s realm on May Day, her realms version of the May Day festival would be something quite spectacular!

Here’s a few fun ideas to celebrate May Day with your own royal daughter or a mermaid lover in your life!

    Make a May Day Basket and deliver to neighbors anonymously. Choose some fun 12”x12” heavy craft paper perhaps with Mermaids or ocean images on them! Cut it in half. It should measure 12?x6?. Using a dinner plate as a guide, draw a half circle on the paper. Cut out with scissors. Holding both ends of your half circle, bring them together and overlap to make a cone shape. Secure with a stapler, tape or glue. Secure a ribbon for a basket handle, using tape. Fill with few fresh spring flowers or candy treats! (Hint, if you don’t have craft paper, pick up a few party hats and add ribbon to the top and decorate, and you’re good to go!)
    Here’s how Jordan from OH HAPPY DAY made one, and it looks perfect to us! You’ll need some greenery, flowers, 1.5” satin ribbon, floral wire, 18” wreath base, and an 8’ pole. Follow the instructions on our Enchantails Crafts Pinterest Board. Then invite the neighborhood kids over for some fun snacks and put together your own may day celebration in the front or backyard!
    What royal mermaid wouldn’t love to wear one of these adorable flower crowns to celebrate May Day?! Our Royal Mermaid Daughter Lucienne wears a flower crown. Perhaps you could make your favorite mermaid one just like Lucienne’s and while you’re at it, make one for yourself! Follow the directions on on our Pinterest Board.

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