Lucienne and the Leopard Boy – Grileglas Realm Book 1


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ENCHANTAILS: Grileglas Realm Book 1

Lucienne and the Leopard Boy

Lucienne is an adventurous mermaid who often forgets she’s a Royal Daughter. She regularly gets into trouble for her escapades. She tries to relate to the other mermaids of the Grileglas Realm, but doesn’t feel she fits in. One day she meets a boy named Leo, an outcast in the realm. Leo belongs to a dangerous merpod of leopard boys who find adventure in seal racing. Lucienne and Leo think their friendship is harmless until Lucienne’s Sea Buddy, a Gentoo penguin named Prince,┬ábecomes bait for the next seal race. It’s up to Lucienne to┬ásave Prince in time. Will Leo honor their friendship and help Lucienne? Or will he side with the leopard boys and allow them both to become trapped?

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Every night during bedtime, we read out of the Enchantails series. My daughter and I are entranced by the series that we have to force ourselves to wait for the next chapter. It creates a wonderful bonding experience for us to cuddle in bed together with a nice book.

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