Mer-Facts & Media

Want a Mer-Fact answered about Enchantails? Great! Submit a video of yourself asking your question. The Mer-Council will review it and consider making a video answer just for YOU!
Just follow the instructions below.


Set your smartphone camera or recording device to the horizontal position. Record yourself clearly stating your first name, the city and state you live in, and your question. Here’s an example:
“Hi, my name is [your first name] and I live in [your city and state]. Here’s what’s on my mermaid mind – [ask your question]. Thanks! Bye!”
Make sure we can clearly hear your question and that the finished video is nice and steady.
Email your video clip to:
VERY IMPORTANT: We need permission from your parent or guardian to use your video. So, please include the following words in the body of your email: “I, [GUARDIAN’S FULL NAME] give my permission to Over Active Imaginations, Inc., to use the name, likeness and question that has been submitted by my child [CHILD’S FULL NAME] on and Enchantails social media outlets in perpetuity. I acknowledge that this usage is purely promotional and that I will receive no financial compensation.”
Can’t film it? No problem! If you do not wish to film yourself or you are unable to, we still want to receive your questions. Simply email us and include your (1) First Name, (2) Age (3) City And State (4) Question and (5) Permission Wording, as noted above. We can still make an awesome Mer-Fact video just for you.
It’s that simple. We look forward to hearing from you!

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